Global Glossary: Pharmacy Informatics

One of our goals of the project was to create a glossary. Throughout the e-Resource, terms have been "enabled". By choosing a highlighted term, a definition will appear. We welcome any suggestions you have for items to include. You may also comment below terms as they appear.

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Unintentional Discrepancy

A potential medication error in which the prescriber changed, added or omitted a medication the patient was taking prior to admission.

Canadian Patient Safety Institute and ISMP Canada (2017). Medication Reconciliation in Acute Care Getting Started Kit, version 4.


Quality attributed to an application system that describes its effectiveness and ease of use as determined by its users.


Canada Health Infoway, EHRS Blueprint Version 2


Person, device, program, or computer systems that uses a computer system for the purpose of data processing and information exchange.

 Canada Health Infoway, EHRS Blueprint Version 2

User interface

The mechanism used by the health care practitioner to access information in an information system.


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